Frequently Asked Questions

What is fundsforNGOs Premium Standard Membership?

fundsforNGOs Premium Standard Membership is a member-exclusive, cost-effective and personalized web-service which offers 360° fundraising resources, all under one website – right from identifying relevant donors, priority grant alerts, tracking call for applications, providing online professional fundraising training, offering access to sample proposals and listing job opportunities from around the globe.

As a Premium Standard Member, you have an advantage and get substantially better benefits than your counterparts by gaining access to complete information of grant making foundations, exclusive funding opportunity notifications, application deadline alerts, downloadable guides, a personalized funding calendar, job alerts and more.

Why is fundsforNGOs Premium Standard Membership a paid service?

For more than ten years, fundsforNGOs has been offering free services through its primary website ( Although this website continues to benefit thousands of organizations, there were still certain gaps in identifying donors and raising funds. So we decided to invest and offer a more professional platform so that our users can easily find grants, proposals and build their own fundraising capacity. As this service consumes enormous resources, we have decided to charge a fee from our users to cover our costs.

Our free content continues to be available for free for all users.

Will our organization get grants after signing up for fundsforNGOs Premium?

No. We do not arrange funding nor give any guarantee of funding success. Our objective is to increase the capacity of NGOs in raising funds by giving them skills and knowledge.

However, in our experience, fundsforNGOs Premium Membership has previously helped organizations equip themselves better for grant applications.

What if I am not satisfied with your Premium Service after signing up?

We understand that different organizations may have different needs and we may not be able to satisfy everyone. It is because of this that we are offering a 7-day money back policy. If you are not satisfied with fundsforNGOs Premium Standard Membership during the first 7 days of your sign up, you can inform us here and we will make a full refund with no questions asked. However, please note that only users who make online payment are eligible for a refund. It is not possible for us to issue a refund for those users who pay us via international bank transfer.

How do I cancel my membership?

fundsforNGOs Premium Standard Membership is offered on an annual basis and offers access to the fundsforNGOs Premium website (non-tangible product) to its users. It is the responsibility of the customers to fully understand the product offered before placing the order.

The membership is automatically renewed before the end of each membership year unless customers expressly request cancellation of their renewal. This should be done 7 days or more before their membership year expires.

Cancellation of the annual Premium Standard Membership can be requested at any time, and for any reason, with a notice of at least 7 days for the following membership period. To cancel, please contact us here.

What is your refund policy?

fundsforNGOs Premium Membership offers non-tangible products to its users and it is the responsibility of the customers to fully understand the product offered before placing an order.

After 7 days of purchase, customers cannot request refunds if they think that the products contained in the premium pages are not suitable, not of satisfactory nature and/or of no interest to them. All products offered under a Premium Membership are fully explained and customers are free to contact us to seek more information about these products prior to purchase.

fundsforNGOs will issue refunds only under the following conditions:

  • Unauthorized payment made from a third party account without the knowledge of the account holder.
  • If a customer duplicates a payment for a single product.
  • If a customer does not receive any response to his request or complaint from us within seven days after the request or complaint has been launched.

However, please note that only users who make online payment are eligible for a refund. It is not possible for us to issue a refund for those users who pay us via International Bank Transfer.

What is your privacy policy?

We understand that privacy is important for our visitors and we never intend to misuse or sell your data to any third party or person under any circumstances. As with most other websites, we collect and use the data contained in log files of fundsforNGOs Premium Standard users. The information contained in the log files include the IP (Internet Protocol) address, ISP (Internet Service Provider, web browser, the duration of the time visited and the different types of pages visited on the website.

We also use cookies to store information, such as visitors' personal preferences when they visit the website.

I am facing problems logging in my fundsforNGOs Premium Standard account with my password. Please help.

Please note that your password cannot contain any space and is case sensitive. Check that CAPS LOCK is turned off and that you include all necessary capital letters.

If you have forgotten or lost your password, we can send you an email with your complete login information. Click on “Forgot Password” here to send us a request to share your existing password on your registered email address.

Can I use fundsforNGOs Premium Standard on my mobile device?

Yes, fundsforNGOs Premium Standard website can be accessed using the standard web browser on your mobile device.

Can I share my account with others?

fundsforNGOs Premium Standard Memberships are offered to single/individual users only. Your user ID may be transferred to another member of your organization but not to any individual/party outside of it. For information about multiple user membership please contact us here.

I am facing problems with my web browser.

In order to log in to your account, you must use a web browser that supports cookies, or you must enable cookies. To enable cookies or to check if your browser supports cookies, please refer to the help section for your web browser.

fundsforNGOs Premium works with the leading web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

What payment options are available?

fundsforNGOs Premium Standard has members from more than one hundred countries around the world. Consequently, we offer a wide range of payment options that make payment possible regardless of your circumstances.

Members can pay by credit or debit cards, PayPal or International Bank Transfer.

What support is available to Premium Standard Members?

fundsforNGOs Premium provides comprehensive support for users in the form of an FAQ section and tutorials on how to use each section of the site. For additional assistance, Premium Members can contact a dedicated customer service team member with a guaranteed response time of 24 hours during business hours.

Is fundsforNGOs Premium suitable for international NGOs?

Yes. fundsforNGOs Premium details donors in countries around the world and includes details on the geographical focus of each funder. Funding opportunities are defined by their geographical availability and funding opportunity alerts can be set up to cover more than one country. fundsforNGOs Premium subscribers work in over one hundred countries around the world, making it the perfect solution for any international fundraiser.

How frequently does new information appear on fundsforNGOs Premium?

100+ grants are added and/or updated each week on the fundsforNGOs Premium Grants Database. New funding opportunities, job listing, resource guides are features that are updated on a weekly basis to facilitate our Premium Standard Members. Not just this, we also send out funding alerts whenever new funds are launched.

What is the source of information on fundsforNGOs Premium?

The information on fundsforNGOs Premium is compiled from IRS returns, donor websites, annual reports and donor feedback. The fundsforNGOs team, based in several countries, constantly monitors hundreds of information sources to ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date.

What information will I find in a funding opportunity?

The content of a funding opportunity varies depending on the availability of information. Typically, funding opportunities include purpose of the grant, grant amount, eligibility criteria, deadline date and contact details.

What is CVV?

CVV is an anti-fraud security feature to help verify that you are in possession of your credit card. For Visa/MasterCard, the three-digit CVV number is printed on the signature panel on the back of the card immediately after the card's account number. On American Express cards, the CVV is the four-digit code on the front of the card. For more information, you can visit:

We are a new NGO. How can we get start-up funding?

Grant fundraising is particularly difficult for new organizations. Fortunately, fundsforNGOs Premium has a number of resources specifically designed for new NGOs designed to help build their capacity and start fundraising:

Why aren’t we getting funded?

Fundraising is a slow process that requires constant effort to achieve success. Often, the issue stems from a lack of initial planning and donor research. fundsforNGOs Premium provides basic information on the different types of funding sources.

For access to more donor research tools, consider becoming a fundsforNGOs Premium Member.

I did not wish to renew my membership but I forgot to cancel auto-renewal and now my credit card is already charged. Can you issue a refund and cancel my account?

We will issue a refund to your credit card within 7 days if you are not interested in continuing your membership and if your credit card was charged automatically.

Please note that we will send you a renewal email one month before your membership expires, regardless of the status of your auto-renewal. If still your card is charged for renewal, we can offer a full refund. You can contact our support team for the same here.

Why is my fundsforNGOs Premium Standard account blocked?

Your fundsforNGOs Premium Standard account usually gets blocked when your payment gets failed. A payment can fail when our payment processor identifies the transaction as fraudulent or puts your payment on hold for verification purpose, or if you have raised a chargeback with your credit card company or bank. Such payment failures may also occur several weeks after registration and the account may be blocked subsequently. If this happens to you, we request that you to contact your credit card company or your bank directly to resolve the issue.

Do I have to renew my Premium Standard Membership after expiry?

If you make an online payment, your subscription profile will be created by our payment processor. As soon as your subscription expires, our payment processor will automatically bill your credit card or bank account, unless you cancel.

In the case of International Bank Transfer, there will be automatic billing. To renew membership, in this case, you can contact our support team here.

Do you help in writing grant proposals and recommend where to submit them?

We do not offer proposal writing services. fundsforNGOs Premium Standard provides ample quality resources to enable our members to draft their own proposals. We share a repository of sample proposals, training videos, feature articles and downloadable guides on how to develop winning proposals for NGOs.

For Premium Standard Members we share quick and easy information about the most useful and relevant funding agencies, their grant programs, their focus countries, how to apply and more to ensure they are abreast with latest funding opportunities.

Does fundsforNGOs include local grants for my country?

Our grant database is focused on funding for international development with an emphasis on developing countries. However, if a donor funds local grant projects as well as projects abroad we include that information in our profiles.

Country wise funding opportunities are listed on the website and are searchable.

I am unable to find my country in the drop-down list. What should I do?

Due to sanctions and embargos administered by the U.S. Government, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) lists the following countries that fall within comprehensive sanctions programs: Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan and Syria. Please note that fundsforNGOs may not accept payment from any entities or individuals that are operating and based in the aforementioned regions.

However, you can ask any of your sponsors outside of the above-mentioned regions to purchase a Premium Membership for you.

How can I change the email address linked to my account?

In case you need to change the email address linked to your account, we request you to kindly reach out to us here. Your primary identification is your email ID and we may, therefore, need to verify details by asking you some security questions.

How do I find and effectively use Premium Standard resources?

Each user uses the resources differently; however, an effective way of making the most of your fundsforNGOs Premium Standard experience would be by:

  • Accessing your account regularly and filling out all details accurately so we may customize content, funding alerts and donor profiles for your organization.
  • Reading FAQ on the various resources offered to Premium Standard Members for e.g., funding calendar, sample proposals etc.
  • Adding fundsforNGOs to your mailing list so you do not miss updates, emails and reminders tailored for you and your organization.
  • Engaging with us on social media and speaking with our customer support team for check-ins. Keep us updated about your progress; we’re rooting for your success!

How can I receive email funding alerts?

If you are a fundsforNGOs Premium Standard Member, you can request a funding alert by signing in your Premium Standard account and going to “Funding Alerts” segment of the website. Here, you can choose to receive your specific funding alerts either on the basis of your preferred countries or your preferred areas of interest or both. You can However, if you have not yet joined fundsforNGOs Premium Standard Membership, then also you are eligible to receive funding alerts. Though the alerts that you would receive would not be specific alerts. To activate your funding alerts as a free user, please click here.

How often will I receive email funding alerts?

You will receive periodic email communication from our team to keep you updated about the latest additions to our resource library as well as important funding alerts. Kindly add us to your contact list to ensure you don’t miss our emails.

I am not receiving Premium newsletter, email updates or email funding alerts anymore. Can you let me know why?

Our system sends daily and weekly Premium newsletter, email updates or email funding alerts to all registered Premium Members. If you suddenly notice that you are not receiving them, it could be because of one of the following reasons:

  • You may have accidentally clicked on the “unsubscribe” link given at the bottom of our every Premium email newsletter we send.
  • Your mail server is marking our Premium email newsletter as spam, junk-mail or blocked message.
  • Your email inbox is full and your mail server is not allowing our Premium email newsletter from reaching you either due to its size or due to it being given a low priority.

In order to ensure that you continue to receive newsletters regularly, we request you to please follow these steps:

  1. Please do not click on the “unsubscribe” link because as per industry standards, our system will not be able to easily re-subscribe once you have knowingly or unknowingly requested to be removed from the mailing list.
  2. Please white-list our email addresses “” and “” so that our messages do not land up in our spam folder.

You can contact our support team here and we will be happy to re-subscribe you again.

Can I join fundsforNGOs Premium Standard Membership for free?

We offer a wide range of free resources and information to all our users around the world. All our free content will continue to be free and offered without any restriction. Please visit to learn more.

The fundsforNGOs Premium Standard service offers interested NGOs additional features for a modest subscription fee. The fees charged allow us to maintain and further develop the free site, offering an ever expanding number of resources to both our free and Premium Members.

To learn more or to register for fundsforNGOs Premium Standard Membership, please click here.

What is the difference between this new fundsforNGOs Premium Standard Membership and the old fundsforNGOs Premium Pro Membership?

The new fundsforNGOs Premium Standard Membership has been developed as an affordable and user-friendly platform to provide necessary features such as funding alerts, search options, sample proposals, downloadable eBooks, calendar and customer support. It does not, however, have the Donor Database and Training Videos, which are expensive to develop and maintain. The old fundsforNGOs Premium Pro Membership has all the above features plus the Donor Database and Training Videos. Members can upgrade from our Standard Membership to Pro Membership anytime by contacting the support team.

What if I have more questions?

The fundsforNGOs Premium customer support team is always willing to address your questions. To contact for support on technical, payment, or membership related questions, please click here.