Who We Are

fundsforNGOs Premium is an online marketplace that helps NGOs and donors work more efficiently. Linking development professionals to the latest information, tools, and resources to fuel what they do best: Creating a better world.

The organization was established to help reduce barriers for NGOs and practitioners at all levels, and of all sizes and sophistication. Starting out only a few years back with a trickle of users, fundsforngos.org is now the leading source of fundraising information and resources for NGOs and development professionals around the world.

fundsforNGOs Premium is the next evolution in fundraising for NGOs. It is the world's first fundraising solution designed specifically for development professionals working in Africa, Asia and the developing world.

FUNDSFORNGOS LLC is headquarted at Office 1018, 1060 Broadway,, Albany New York - 12204 USA. We also operate offices in India and Nepal.

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